If you’re a student, you can do or find the following through this web site . . .

  • See What Kids Are Up To: Want to learn what other students are doing in other parts of the country? Check out some of this site’s Learning Centers to see kids and young adults dancing, telling stories, and learning about their cultural heritage.  To help you find these Learning Centers, do a search in the box that is directly under the tabs for the keyword “Students”.
  • Youth Internships: Each ECHO institution periodically offers opportunities for youth internships. Contact the ECHO organization nearest to you to learn how to get involved.
  • Want to Browse? Click on the Resources Tab to browse the hundreds of films and photographs from Alaska, Hawai’i, Massachusetts, and Mississippi that are on this web site – then upload some from your own region.
  • Listen and Learn: Are you interested in becoming a better storyteller, or learning to make thread from the tendon of a caribou, or making a luau? Many of the Learning Centers offer how-to instructions. Check them out!
  • HELP!: If you need help, simply contact us, and our site administrator will reply.