If you’re a teacher, you can find and do the following through this web site . . .

  • Cultural Lesson Plans: Looking for lesson plans and resources to teach about the cultures of the world, the relationship between culture and environment, or the ways humans express themselves through the arts? Browse this web site’s many standards-based Learning Centers for ideas you can use immediately in your classroom. All the resources and Internet links are provided.
  • Cross-cultural training: Wanting to improve your own knowledge and skill in cross-cultural situations? Some of this web site’s Learning Centers are designed specifically for teachers and other adults who work or live in a diverse setting. You might also contact one of the cultural organizations near you to schedule in-person training on cross-cultural communication and understanding.
  • Teacher Professional Development: Each ECHO institution periodically offers credit courses and workshops for teachers on topics related to cultures, history, art, and place-based science. Contact the ECHO institution closest to you to learn of upcoming professional development courses – or take an on-line tutorial by following one of the Professional Development Learning Centers on this site.
  • School Visits: Each ECHO institution offers educational programs for teachers and students in its region. Contact the ECHO institution closest to you to learn how you can take advantage of these opportunities.