Maui and the Creation of the Islands

Questions for Discussion

  • Why do people need to explain how things came to be?
  • Why would a story incorporate the creation of islands and include the importance of food on the islands?
  • Is Maui the same kind of person at the beginning and at the end of the story? Do the events have an effect on him? Or do they just illustrate something that is happening within him anyway?
  • Compare and contrast this creation story with the story, "How Raven Gave Light to the World." For instance, both Maui and Raven are tricksters — beings who are both creators and mischievous.
  • The people of Hawaii have told this story to their children and grandchildren. What attitudes about the land and sea does the story embody? What lessons might the children have learned from the story?
  • What makes Tom Cummings and Kealoha Kelekolio good storytellers?