Storytelling: Performance and Art Learning Center

Part III: Telling Stories Through Art

4. Divide the students into three groups and introduce the Art That Tells a Story Flash Interactive. Explain that the nine art objects included in this activity were selected because they relate to stories in several ways. The objects may tell a story, they may be part of a larger story, or they may inspire new stories.

Ask each group to take turns choosing an object until all nine objects have been selected. Then each group should look at its three objects more closely. Students should spend at least one minute looking quietly at the large version of each image on their own. Then for each object, the group should answer the following questions:

   a. What's going on here?
   b. What makes you think that?
   c. List ten words or phrases about any aspect of the artifact.

While the groups are working, put up nine pieces of chart paper (one for each object). When the groups are finished, have the groups describe their objects as you record their responses on the chart paper. Allow time for students to ask each other questions about the different artifacts.