Storytelling: Tales of Everyday Life Learning Center

Planning and Materials

Grade Level: 4-6

Suggested Time

  • One to two class periods

Multimedia Resources


Before the Lesson

  • Print and copy the PDFs for each student.
  • Arrange computer access so students can work in pairs or small groups.
  • Review all materials carefully. Watch the videos, work through the interactive activities, review the worksheets, and read the background essays that relate to the lesson. For each resource, ask yourself, "How does this resource relate to my own understanding of narrative, storytelling, and my language arts goals for my class?" Make adjustments to the lesson as needed to meet your specific goals for your class.

Using Journals

If you will be doing more than one storytelling lesson with your students, it may be helpful to have them use a journal to record their notes and complete their assigned writings. Electronic journals may also be used. When using either printed or electronic journals, integrate the handouts and assignments so that all the written material produced by the students can be kept in one place and be available for reference from one lesson to the next.