Storytelling: Writers' Workshop Learning Center

The Lesson

Part I: Storytelling Refresher

1. Tell students that they will now begin to work on their own stories. First, review the elements of good storytelling (you might want to look through other Learning Centers in the Storytelling series for this information). To prompt students write these questions on chart paper or the board:

   a. What makes a good story?
   b. How do personal events relate to stories?
   c. How can stories be told with few or no words?

In a large group, discuss the questions to help students refresh their understanding of different types of stories. You might want to refer back to the relevant multimedia resources. If students have completed worksheets or journals in other Storytelling Learning Centers, have them refer to them.

Part II: Writing Your Story

2. Have students begin to work on their stories. They should choose any story ideas that interest them, but their final story will need to include the key elements of good storytelling, such as characters, a problem to solve, a resolution, and a setting. Depending on which storytelling lessons you have already done, you could also encourage students to focus on personal events and/or include components that are told without words or dialogue.