Model Professional Development Learning Center

What's a Professional Development Learning Center?

What's a Professional Development Learning Center?

This Learning Center serves as a model structure for Learning Centers designed to improve or enhance teaching and communication skills.

Almost any topic that relates to the themes (see the Home page) and acknowledges various cultural perspectives is appropriate.

Click here to download a rubric for assessing Professional Development Learning Centers.

Click on the various entries in the Contents of this Learning Center at right (e.g., "Overview & Objectives," "Teaching Practices," etc.) to read descriptions of the suggested elements of a Professional Development Learning Center.

Overview & Objectives

Overview & Objectives

Section 1: Overview

[Text] This is a general description of the Learning Center -- its purpose, topics, and activities.

Section 2: Objectives

[Text] What will the learner be able to do after completing this Learning Center?

Teaching Practices

Teaching Practices

Professional Development Learning Centers can be organized in various ways. For instance, you might want to start with a teaser video that shows your topic in practice; or a "hook" to grab the attention of your readers. In general, though, you will want to dive right into the heart of the issue: teaching practices.

Section 3: Current teaching practices

[Text] Through questions and suggestions, help learners explore their current teaching practices as they relate to the topic.

Section 4: Best Practices

[Text] Describe the Best Practices strategies and (optional) the cultural or theoretical bases of the strategies.

Section 5: Practice the strategies

[Text and image or text and video or two images] Provide suggestions, using cultural resources and information, for the learner to practice the suggested strategies.

A video resource has been added as an example of what might be useful.

Modeling Activities in the Classroom

Modeling Activities in the Classroom

Section 6: Model the activity in the classroom

[Text and image or text and video or two images] Provide a description, photographs, or videos that depict the strategy in use in the classroom.

Assessment, Application & Reflection

Assessment, Application & Reflection

Section 7: Analysis and assessment

[Text] Guide the learner in an analysis of the strategy and an assessment of its value through questions and suggestions. Your assessments should relate directly to the Learning Center's objectives.

Section 8: Application

[Text] Lead the learner through the steps involved in designing an activity or Learning Center of their own, or applying the skills they have learned in the Learning Center, using the content and Best Practices strategies you have presented.

Use photographs and video clips as much as possible.

Section 9: Reflection

[Text] Offer suggestions to guide the learner through the process of reflecting on their learning and teaching, as they relate to your Learning Center.

Resource Listing

Resource Listing

Section 10: Resources

[Text or text and image or text and video] Offer a list of resources and links (in addition to those embedded in the Learning Center) that would be useful.