Ka'ianaa'ahu'ulu: A Leader of Hawai'i

Teacher Summary




Adapted from www.newtradewinds.org; originally designed by the staff of Bishop Museum

Essential Questions

     1. What makes a good leader? 
     2. Do you have what it takes? 
     3. Does the definition of a good leader change with the circumstances or the times?

Grade Level

High School

Students learn the story of Ka’ianaa’ahu’ula (sometimes shortened to Ka’iana), one of Kamehameha I’s most trusted advisors.  They identify the characteristics that made him a leader and analyze whether those qualities would be helpful in the world today.  The end with a consideration of their own leadership abilities.

5 class periods (based on 50-minute classes)

1.    Students will learn the life story of one of Hawai’i’s great leaders of the past.
2.    Students will identify the qualities that a leader in 18th century Hawai’i had to possess.
3.    Students will apply their interpretations to leadership qualities to their own lives and times.
4.    Students will compare the leadership qualities shown by Ka’iana with leaders from other parts of the world.

National Standards
•    Language Arts/English Standard 1: Reading for perspective
•    Language Arts/English Standard 2: Understanding the Human Experience
•    Language Arts/English Standard 7: Evaluating data
•    Language Arts/English Standard 9: Multicultural understanding
•    Language Arts/English Standard 12: Applying language skills
•    U.S. History Standard 2: Era of colonization and settlement

Hawai’i State Standards
•    Social Studies Standard 1 (History): Change, continuity, causality
•    Social Studies Standard 2 (History): Historical empathy
•    Social Studies Standard 3 (History): Historical inquiry
•    Social Studies Standard 4 (History): Historical perspectives and interpretations
•    Social Studies Standard 10 (Cultural Anthropology): Cultural systems
•    Language Arts Standard 2 (Reading and Literature): Comprehension processes
•    Language Arts Standard 4 (Reading and Literature): Response
•    Language Arts Standard 9 (Oral Communication): Communication processes
•    Participation in class discussion
•    Student journals
•    Completion of homework (i.e., a picture or description of a leader, identification of leadership qualities in a partner)
•    Completion of the reading
•    Fast-write completion

Materials Needed

• Chart paper• Journals for students• Student Readings:    • The Story of Ka'iana
    • A Leader of Salem: Nathaniel Bowditch    • Apanuugpak: A Yup’ik Warrior    • Ekeuhnick: Ancient Leader of the Inupiat    • Elizabeth Jean Wanamaker Peratrovich: A Tlingit Leader for Our Times