• What's a Traditional Knowledge Learning Center?

Model Traditional Knowledge Learning Center

What's a Traditional Knowledge Learning Center?

This Learning Center serves as a model structure for Learning Centers that are designed for a general audience to share how people express themselves through culture, language, art, and science. Click here to download a rubric for assessing Traditional Knowledge Learning Centers.

Section 1


This is the general description of the Learning Center: Its topics and, if it's rooted in a particular culture, its geographic range.

Sections 2 through the end

[Text, or Text and Image, or Text and Video, or Two Images]

Now comes the fun part: Write what you want to talk about, and illustrate it with videos or images. Use as many stanzas as you need to tell the story.

The image at the right is an example of a resource that might be part of a Learning Center titled, "Welcome to My World: Southcentral Alaska."

If your Learning Center gets too long -- more than two scrolls down the page -- consider breaking it into sections. Each section will have its own title (which you will give it) and its own page. There's no limit to the number you can include.