Three Alaska Native Leaders

Standards and Assessments

National Standards
•    Language Arts/English Standard 1: Reading for perspective
•    Language Arts/English Standard 2: Understanding the Human Experience
•    Language Arts/English Standard 7: Evaluating data
•    Language Arts/English Standard 9: Multicultural understanding
•    Language Arts/English Standard 12: Applying language skills
•    Geography Standard 4: Human systems

Alaska Standards
•    English/Language Arts Standard A: A student should be able to speak and write well for a variety of purposes and audiences.
•    English/Language Arts Standard E: A student should understand and respect the perspectives of others in order to communicate effectively.
•    Geography Standard D: A student should understand and be able to interpret spatial (geographic) characteristics of human systems, including migration, movement, interactions of cultures, economic activities, settlement patterns, and political units in the state, nation, and world.
•    History Standard A: A student should understand that history is a record of human experiences that links the past to the present and the future.
•    History Standard B: A student should understand historical themes through factual knowledge of time, places, ideas, institutions, cultures, people, and events.
•    Cultural Standard A: Culturally-knowledgeable students are well grounded in the cultural heritage and traditions of their community.
•    Cultural Standard B: Culturally-knowledgeable students are able to build on the knowledge and skills of the local cultural community as a foundation from which to achieve personal and academic success throughout life.

•    Fast write completion
•    Student participation in class discussion
•    Group assessment of the class presentation (see below for a rubric for this activity)
•    Leadership in Alaska Student Worksheet
•    Essay on personal leadership