Storytelling and Culture

Activity Two: The role of stories in society

Teacher Notes

This will allow you to assess students' current knowledge about stories and storytelling across cultures. If most students are unfamiliar with the content, provide additional instruction by referring to the Background Information provided as part of this Learning Center.

Refer periodically to the Assessment Tools to help you plan how you will assess student attainment of this Learning Center's Enduring Understandings.


  • Download and print Handout A: Why We Tell Stories (click this link). As students read, they should place a check in the margin next to information they already know, and underline new information about the role of storytelling in societies.
  • Process. Ask students to read the sections they've underlined. Record their abbreviated responses on chart paper.
  • Check for understanding.

An Example from Alaska: Why These Students Told a Story in Song and Dance

Click on this video to see a high school group's original story, told in song and dance. Ask students to restate why telling this story was so important to these students.