The Science and Culture of Art - Maui the Kitemaker

Lesson 8 - Activities

Each team of students will construct a kite from items in the classroom.


Part 1: Making A Kite


Time: 30 minutes



-8.5 x 11" paper

-straw or bamboo barbecue meat skewer

-plastic shopping bag or roll of surveyors' flagging tape

-1 roll of string, at least 200’, 6 to 10' per child

-piece of 1 x 3 cardboard to wrap string around



-hole punch


You might need a helper to undertake this activity. See the directions at the following web site: (site has printable instructions, see “20 kids, 20 kites, 20 minutes”.)

Take kites out to fly.



Have students think back to the story of Maui the Kite Flyer (see the third page of this Learning Center). Reread it if necessary.

  • How did he forecast the wind with his kite?
  • When flying your kite, did you face the kite into the wind or away?
  • What did you learn from flying your kite. For instance, was the wind from the south or north? (Winds from the south are generally Kona or can be storm systems, winds from north are usually trades).
  • What time of year is it? What kind of winds and weather do you expect this time of year in Hawaii? (There are more trade winds in summer, Kona winds and storm systems from the south in winter.)
  • What do scientists today use to forecast weather? (Weather balloons, satellites)
  • How do you think climate change might impact Hawaii’s weather and climate?

Lesson 8: Capturing the Wind