Niġliq: Site of an Ancient Trade Fair

The History of the Trade Fair

To download and print information about Niġliq's history in a document prepared by the North Slope Borough of Alaska, click here.

To download and print excerpts from Robert Spencer's ethnography that describes what was traded at Niġliq and how the trading was organized, click here.

This photograph shows canvas and skin tents on a gravel beach in northern Alaska. It might have been taken at Niġliq, or an another trade fair in the Iñupiaq region. This and other historic photographs that show Inupiaq life and history can be viewed Alaska's digital archives web site.

The photographs on this page have all been downloaded from the digital archives (whose nickname is "Vilda"). Click on the title of each one to learn more about it. For a worksheet produced by the National Archives that guides your study of these primary sources, click here. Choose the Photograph Analysis Worksheet from the box on the right of the screen, or click here to download a pdf of the worksheet.