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Cultural Values: Activities & Standards

Teaching Suggestions for Cultural Values:

Utilizing the resources above, as well as others, have the students do a number of activities such as:

-  Describe a value from each of the cultures represented in this learning center, and explain the importance of each particular value to its cultural group.

-  Create a display that categorizes values from different cultures (e.g., sharing, family, spirituality, etc.).

-  Compare and contrast their own cultural values with those of another culture (e.g., Venn diagram, etc.).

-  Debate the merit of a value from another culture.


Check for Understanding and Assessment


     This assessment component has been created using a continuous progress curriculum and assessment model. Students are expected to reach proficiency at their own rate, and according to their individual learning styles. This Standards-based form of assessment relies heavily upon performance at a proficient level, coupled with meaningful learning experiences that assist the learner in reaching mastery of the national standards.


Assessment on Cultural Values



Recalls values from each of the six cultures represented in the ECHO Performing Arts Festival and this learning center, and identifies the cultures associated to these values.



Classifies the different values (e.g., sharing, family, language) found within the learning center and/or Performing Arts Festival.



Examines one’s own cultural values and compares and contrasts those values with a set of values from another culture.



Selects, researches, and debates the merit of a value from another culture.



Cultural Values


Standard 8

Understands the central ideas of American constitutional government and how this form of government has shaped the character of American society.


1.  Knows the fundamental values of American democracy (e.g., individual rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness; equality and diversity, etc.).

     1.8 Understands diversity as a value of American democracy.