Tribal Group Research

Overview and Objectives

This Learning Center can be adapted to any classroom by choosing topics which relate to the chosen Native American tribe.

Time required

12 class periods (50-minute periods)

Learning Objectives

This learning center is designed to give students practice with the research process by working in small groups.

Students will give a group research presentation and work as a small group to create a gameboard and cards that cover state and/or national standards and objectives in the area of research and inquiry.

The idea of research can often cause reluctance among students who look upon it as endless mounds of boring information and time-consuming busy work. This learning center's objective is twofold:

1. Introduce the learner to a "group" method of research to entice him/her to feel more comfortable doing independent research in the future.

2. Broaden students' knowledge about their own tribe or cultural group.

Materials Needed

  • 3" x 5" index cards for each student
  • computers (or Internet research if computers are not available)
  • a file folder for each group
  • envelopes or library pockets (five to six for each group)
  • books on Native Americans
  • encyclopedias and other reference books
  • research guidelines
  • Guidelines for Creating Board Games (download and print by clicking HERE).
  • boards for creating game boards

Topics to be researched:

1. If you work with Choctaw Tribal Schools, possible topics may include any of the following.

    A. Ceremonies (e.g. weddings, funerals, spring festivals)

    B. Crafts (beadwork, basket making, clothing for ceremonies, etc.)

    C. Dances

    D. Food

    E. Traditional sports (stickball)

    F. History

    G. Storytelling

    H. Famous Choctaw (chiefs, authors, artists, actors, etc.) people

2. If you live in a different part of the country, you may choose similar topics as those listed above and add your own topics which relate to your area.