Tribal Group Research

Teaching Strategies


Divide students into groups of five to six students. Form as many groups as needed to cover the topics of research. Supply the materials listed in the Overview and Objectives section (Materials Needed stanza) of this Learning Center.


Group Research: The group decides on the categories for their research. Use five to six envelopes or library pockets per file folder to categorize the research.


Possible topics might include:   

  • Legends/tales
  • Traditional ceremonies
  • Traditional foods
  • Crafts
  • History of the tribe
  • Government of the tribe
  • Education
  • Traditional dress

Step 2

Form three groups with each group having five to six members. Encourage each student to choose one of the above topics. (This may have to be adjusted to fit the class size.) Each student will only research his/her topic following these guidelines:

A.    Write only one fact per card and write the bibliography entry on the back of the card. As each card is completed, slip the card into the pocket labeled with the chosen topic.

B.    Use at least six different sources on researching that topic (Internet sources, encyclopedia, books, magazines, etc.).

C.    Create a bibliography page on the chosen topic.

D.    Write a mini-report on the chosen topic by pulling out all the note cards of facts and placing them in a logical sequence.

E.    Have group members give suggestions for revisions to the mini-report.

F.     Have group members proofread and edit the paper.

G.    Once revisions and proofreading have been completed, the student may type his/her paper for presentation.

Students will usually need three to four class periods to complete Step 2.

Step 3

Once each group member has completed Step 2, the group should decide the sequence of presenting the group report to the class. (Decide the order of presentation of the topic.)

Step 4

Activities that may be used with the research project could include:

  1. Group presentation of report
  2. Group works together to create a Choctaw Tribal game board covering the research facts about the chosen tribal topic. The game board on the right was designed by Shauna Lewis; photo by Penny Hardy. To download and print guidelines for a game board, click HERE.
  3. Group creation of a poster that illustrates at least  seven different text features (photographs, illustrations, side bar, captions, titles, etc.).
  4. Accordion book of research information, photographs, illustrations, etc.
  5. Group scrapbook of research

Step 5

Any of the activities listed in Step 4 may be used as an assessment.