Roots - A Native American History Project

Assessments and Checking for Understanding

To download and print this rubric, click here. Note: You might need to adapt the rubric to your state; note that this one is specific to Mississippi.


Assessment Rubric

Family History Project


Project component

Points possible

Points earned

1.       Vital statistics

A.      Your full name

B.      Month, date, and year of birth

C.      Name of the town and state where you were born

8 points


2.       Your parents' vital statistics

A.      Full names of both parents

B.      Month, date, and year of their births

C.      Names of the town and state where they were born

8 points


3.       Map

Mississippi map – Locate all of the counties your family has lived in; go back as far as you can with ancestors (parents, grandparents, great grandparents, great-great, etc.)


If your family has lived in several states, plot the location on a United States map of all the states in which your family/ancestors have lived.

8 points


4.       Family tree

Use the family tree forms provided or be creative and design a family tree of your own. Your family tree needs to branch out to at least great grandparents but may go beyond this.

8 points


5.       Narrative poem

“Where I’m From”


“My Life Poetry” or your title of choice

8 points


6.       Biographical Interview

The majority of the points for your project will come from this section.

A.      Interview a person who is 50 years of age or older. (Parent, grandparent, great grandparent, etc.)

B.      Treat the person, no matter who it is, with the greatest respect; listen carefully to what he or she tells you.

C.      Use the interview question sheet to guide your thoughts. You may add your own interview questions.

D.      After you have completed the question page, you will then use it to write a biography of the person interviewed. 1. You may write about his/her entire life.


2.You may choose a specific time in his/her life to write about. (2 typed pages)

30 points (question pages)

30 points (completed two-page biography) =

60 points



Total points earned: