Native American Choctaw Nation's Decision to Stay or Move - Dancing Rabbit Creek Treaty - Treaty of 1830


Assess student mastery of the content through a quiz or test with the following items:

  1.   Who was the United States president during this period?


   2.   Explain the intended goals of the Choctaws as they began treaty negotiations.


   3.   What Choctaw leaders were present at the meeting?


   4.   What United States officials presided at the treaty discussions?


   5.   Explain the intended goal of the United States govenment in signing the treaty.


   6.    Describe the Dancing Rabbit Creek setting.


   7.    What traditional symbolic voting action was performed by the Native American Choctaws when casting ballots for Indian Removal?  Explain how voting practices have changed.


  8.    What provisions were offered to those Choctaws who remained in Mississippi?


  9.    What provisions were offered to those Choctaws who journeyed to Oklahoma?


In addition, assess:

  • The correctness of the plotting the trail that the Choctaws followed to Oaklahoma.
  • Use the following rubric (or one you design yourself) to critique the written fictional narratives.
  • Design and use a rubric to assess student dramatization of the event.

To assess extended activities, determine the extent to which students accurately or fully:

  • Described and evaluate the effects of other treaties that have affected other Native American Indian groups.
  • Determined the distance traveled by the Native Americans when they were relocated from Mississippi to Oklahoma.
  • Developed the story board components.
  • Prepared journal entries.



½ point

1 point

Sentence structure

Student sentences are not complete, they are short and the verbs do not agree with the pronoun. Common mistake with present simple “to be” and simple present.

Sentences are complete and well structured. The verbs agree with the pronoun and the usage of the “to be”, present simple and present progressive is correct. 

Word choice

The selection of the vocabulary is poor but well applied. They use few adjectives to describe the celebration they chose. They make several mistakes.

The selection of the vocabulary is more complete and is well applied. They still make mistakes but not as many.  They use more adjectives to describe the celebration they chose.

Introductions sentence and description

Students are not able to use an introductory sentence in their writing. They begin by describing the celebration in 4-5 sentences.

Students introduce the celebration in one complete sentence. After the introductory sentence they begin describing the celebration in 6-7 sentences.


They use one, poor, not well structured sentence to express, in a very limited, way an opinion.

They use more than one complete sentence to express their personal opinion. The conclusion is not as limited but has few mistakes.


Students present their writings written in computer, using the correct font that has been required. No clarity and cleanness.

No folder.

Students present their writings in computer, using the font that has been required, clarity, cleanness and the assigned color folder.