Nanih Waiya Choctaw Indian Mound

Background Information

The Nanih Waiya Choctaw Indian Mound stands in the east central section of Winston County in the state of Mississippi. For many years the Nanih Waiya Mound served as a state park and was under the protection of the State of Mississippi. In 2008, the Nanih Waiya Mound was given back to the protection of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.

Many myths and legends tell the history of the Nanih Waiya area and the creation and the emergence of the Choctaw Indians from the mound.  One legend explains that the Great Spirit created people within Nanih Waiya. These people then crawled through a hole in the ground and reached the surface of the earth. This group of people became known as the Choctaw Indians.

For a fuller version of the story, refer to Mould, Tom. Choctaw Tales. Jackson, MS: University Press of Mississippi, 2004, p. 8, 61-93, 154, 227, 273-275.