The Twelve Core Values of the Inupiaq People - How do they fit in your Life?: A Writing Lesson

Overview and Objectives

In this Learning Center, students will learn about the Iñupiaq people and their subsistence lifestyle, which is based on strong physical and spiritual ties to the land. They will explore the underlying values that inform the actions and behavior of the Iñupiaq people.

In undertaking this Learning Center, students will:

  • Be introduced to the environment and culture of the Alaska Iñupiaq people.
  • Learn about the Twelve Core Values of the Iñupiat. 
  • Consider and discuss the core values and relate them to their own lives.
  • Identify and write about core values that are important to students' own lives, as well as core values they may need to work on.

Click on the bold, underlined words above in order to access the twelve core values.

Who Are the Iñupiat?

The Iñupiat (plural; singular and adjectival form is Iñupiaq) are a group often called "Northern Eskimos" in anthropological literature. Their culture is based on strong ties to the land and to family and community. Most Iñupiaq communities are located on the shore where people have access to sea mammals, fish, and sea birds, though several villages are inland and depend more on caribou.

Their language, with dialectical differences, is spoken from Norton Sound in Alaska to Greenland. They are represented on this map in light blue. For more information about this group, visit the Alaska Native Heritage Center and the Inupiat History, Language and Culture (part of the North Slope Borough) web sites.