Storyteller Figures from the American Southwest

Assessment & Standards


The learner will know that she has completed this activity with the successful construction of a figurative clay sculpture. The Self-assessment document (available for downloading so it can be printed and distributed by clicking here) incorporates a checklist for the basic elements of the storyteller, and craftsmanship/skill development and creativity sections, and it re-connects the activity to Helen Cordero's storytellers, the cultural roots of the activity.  The sculptures will be labelled and displayed.

Massachusetts Visual Arts Curriculum Frameworks

Standard #1.5:  Students will expand the repertoire of 2D and 3D art processes, techniques and materials with a focus on the range of effects possible within each medium.

Standard #1.7:  Students will use the appropriate vocabulary related to the methods, materials and techniques students have learned and used.

Standard #6.3:  Students will interpret the meanings of artistic works by explaining how the subject matter and/or form reflect the events, ideas and customs of people.

Standard #8.5:  Students will identify and describe characteristic features of genres and styles from a variety of world cultures.

Standard #10.2:  Students will integrate and apply knowledge of other disciplines in learning in and about the arts.