Sharing Music Across Cultures

Objectives, Time and Materials

Time required

Two weeks, 10 class periods (50 min. each)

The teacher may wish to space these activities out over a three or four week period (a lesson every couple days) to allow for journal contemplation and reflection as well as multiple viewings of the material.

There are many technical components to these lessons, such as use of Garage Band, movie software and tools including laptop recording, video cameras and cell phone cameras. I would encourage classroom teachers to walk themselves through these lessons with the help of the school Technology instructor prior to teaching the lessons to students.

This may also be an excellent opportunity to team teach and collaborate with your school's Technology instructor.

Materials needed

  • Posted video and audio clips (links are provided on the three activities pages)
  • Laptop access with Garage Band Program; should also have live recording capabilities
  • Video camera or cell phones with video capability
  • Access to IMovie or similar video editing program
  • Poster boards and markers
  • Notebooks for personal project journals

Learning Objectives

Students will

  • Understand the relationship between video imagery and musical composition and orchestration.
  • Compose music to fit a set video imagery in a way that reflects the culture and background of each student.
  • Relate to the composer's task of reflecting distinct cultural characteristics while introducing new material in a way that bridges cultural differences.
  • Reflect on a traditional oral learning delivery model of music and artistic culture, and compare how contemporary delivery models may be different.
  • Identify similarities and differences in the various cultural movements of the musical Echoes symphonic piece, and recognize the value of joining together different cultural styles.