Games of the North

Assessment & Standards

A variety of assessments can be created for each game, depending on the teacher's instructional goals. These assessments may target ability, effort, and understanding of Alaska Native cultures and games.

National Standards for Sport and Physical Education

Standard 1

Students demonstrate motor skills and movement patterns to perform a variety of physical activities.

Standard 2

Students understand movement concepts, principles and tactics as they apply to the learning and performance of physical activities.

Standard 3

Students utilize appropriate motor skills, tactics and movement concepts/principles while participating in physical activity.

Standard 5

Students demonstrate responsible personal and social behavior in a physical activity setting.

Standard 6

Students choose physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge and/or social interaction.

"These aren't just games, they are survival skills."

-Big Bob Aiken (Iñupiaq). World Record Holder, Elder, Coach and W.E.I.O. Official.