Kathleen Marchetti

  • Witchcraft Heights Elementary School, Salem, MA

I am a fifth grade teacher at Witchcraft heights Elementary School in Salem, Massachusetts. In July of 2008, I attended the Inupiaq Land Use and Values and Resource Camp in Barrow, Alaska.

I made a documentary of my experience, which I share with my students and any teachers who would like a copy. My main focus for the film was the Twelve Core Values of the Inupiaq People, which I observed on posters around the Ilisagvik College campus. The values were also a topic of conversation throughout the camping trip, as well as evident in the behavior of the Inupiaq people towards one another and their environment. The twelve core values are an intregal part of the traditional Inupiaq lifestyle of hunting for subsistance.

Using the values as a sort of glue to bring my video together, I have found that my students are able to relate the core values to their own lives, thus finding a common thread amongst their lives and the lives of the people who live in the northern most city in the United States.

I have included many pictures of my trip, video clips, some of my experiences, and a writing lesson plan for teachers.

image of Kathleen Marchetti